Fades to Black

the fades

Oh no – found out that The Fades, a programme I raved about here, has not been commissioned for a second series.  Stupid budget cuts. Stupid BBC.

Apparently it was that or a new series of Being Human. No fair! I don’t watch Being Human (loved the pilot, underwhelmed by first series, will retry someday), but I’m not suggesting it should have been sacrificed for The Fades – I just want more than one genre programme. Too much to ask, huh?

Budget cuts already mean I’m dressed in rags* and can’t afford a pint – now I don’t get decent telly, either? As Den of Geek puts it so nicely, at least “there’s always plenty of Don’t Tell the Bride and Snog, Marry or Avoid to be going on with…”


*Luckily, rags suit me. My grunge teen years are finally paying off.

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One Response to Fades to Black

  1. Chris Limb 11th April 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Yes I heard about that. Shame as it was like nothing else on TV. And as for Being Human – well, once they replace the entire cast you know something’s past its sell by date (the only exception to this rule being Doctor Who of course).

    Here’s to a continuation of The Fades as a Graphic Novel…

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