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A Magik Solstice

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Uprooted wins Best Novel Award

Best Fantasy Novel

Naomi Novik’s Uprooted won Best Fantasy Novel Award at FantasyCon this weekend. Wahoo!
As you know, I had much fun being on the jury for this award, and had a book-filled summer working my way through the shortlist.

The shortlist was strong and varied, proving again that Fantasy as an umbrella term is a very broad, well, umbrella.

While I enjoyed reading them all, I confess Uprooted was my favourite. It twists away from the expected tropes of fairytale quite quickly, while staying close enough to the rules to make you admire how clever and refreshing it is. The magic (foresty, woodsy, ancient) was exactly the kind I like best, I dug the friendships between the female characters, and I harboured a modest crush on the main love interest.

Try reading your way through the shortlist, and, hey, why stop there? Check out the winners in *every* category. Award lists are a great way to find your next obsession.

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A sneak peek at my new writing room

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Nominees for British Fantasy Awards announced

jury deliberations british fantasy awards best novelThe nominees for this year’s awards have now been announced, so I can tell you what I’ve been reading as juror for the Best Novel award. Here goes:

Nominees for Best Fantasy Novel (the Robert Holdstock Award)
Guns of the Dawn, Adrian Tchaikovsky (Tor)
Half a War, Joe Abercrombie (HarperVoyager)
The Iron Ghost, Jen Williams (Headline)
Signal to Noise, Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Solaris)
Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen Cho (Macmillan)
Uprooted, Naomi Novik (Macmillan)

It’s a varied selection of writers producing work of a very high standard, so I’m in my element making sure they are all read in time for jury deliberations. Must dash, back to the reading cave* I go…


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