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Barreiro, Portugal
Found this bright street art one rainy morning during my recent Portugese writing retreat.

Turns out I need to expand my knowledge of Portugese poets. The little I’ve since read of Andrade’s work is gorgeous.


It’s urgent — love.
It’s urgent — a boat upon the sea.
It’s urgent to destroy certain words,
hate, solitude, and cruelty,
some moanings,
many swords.

It’s urgent to invent a joyfulness,
multiply kisses and cornfields,
discover roses and rivers
and glistening mornings — it’s urgent.

Silence and an impure light fall upon
our shoulders till they ache.
It’s urgent — love, it’s urgent
to endure.

(translation by Alexis Levitin, found gratefully on

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Hmm, so 2013 has not been the year of blogging for me. I’m still here though, still curled up somewhere cosy with a book whenever I can sneak away from Real Life, still writingrevisingeditinggivingupwritingrevisingwriting.

I’ll share some more of my writing playlists here soon, for anyone else who likes moody instrumental guitars cranked up while they work, but meanwhile here’s a wee mosaic of my recent favourite photos on Flickr because, well, because pretty.

There – for a tentative return-to-blogging post, that didn’t hurt so much after all.

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George the Pavilion Cat, 1965 – 1980

george the pavilion cat
Found on my walk today.

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Bowie Bowie Bowie

Saw this fantastic Bowie exhibit today. If you’re considering it – go! We came away with books & postcards & our love for DB reaffirmed 😉
David David DavidBowie Bowie Bowie

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