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Bank Holiday shelfie & the Boreanaz Equation

Bank Holiday weekend’s RULE. Enough time to write loads & still mess around doodling & watching Bones.

Deal is: for every 3k, I get 45 minutes of Boreanaz. Turns out rewards like this work better than ’3k and then you don’t have to write any more’, to which my me would reply ‘But I’m already not writing! Let’s just stay here doing that!’.

Here’s my non-Boreanaz view, the books in reach of my desk. The ones to remind me how to write when I forget.

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800px-Mary_Read_killing_her_antagonist_cph.3a00980 Surfing round the internet tonight looking up pirates (because: character names) I landed on pages about these two women pirates -Mary Read (above) and Anne Bonny (below).

My favourite wiki-nuggets:

“Read’s mother began to disguise illegitimately born Mary as a boy after the death of Mary’s older, legitimate brother Mark. This was done in order to continue to receive financial support from his paternal grandmother. The grandmother was apparently fooled, and Read and her mother lived on the inheritance into her teenage years. Still dressed as a boy, Read then found work as a footboy, and later found employment on a ship.”


It is recorded she  [Anne] had red hair and was considered a “good catch”, but may have had a fiery temper; at aged 13 she supposedly stabbed a servant girl with a table knife.”


I’ve had a pirate story brewing in my head for a while, so I’m filing this pair under ‘story food‘.

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Barreiro, Portugal
Found this bright street art one rainy morning during my recent Portugese writing retreat.

Turns out I need to expand my knowledge of Portugese poets. The little I’ve since read of Andrade’s work is gorgeous.


It’s urgent — love.
It’s urgent — a boat upon the sea.
It’s urgent to destroy certain words,
hate, solitude, and cruelty,
some moanings,
many swords.

It’s urgent to invent a joyfulness,
multiply kisses and cornfields,
discover roses and rivers
and glistening mornings — it’s urgent.

Silence and an impure light fall upon
our shoulders till they ache.
It’s urgent — love, it’s urgent
to endure.

(translation by Alexis Levitin, found gratefully on

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Current earworm: Horse Thief, I am the Bear.

Totally in love with this song. x

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