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Finding stories in: Flickr photos

flickr faves mosaicPaging through my flickr faves this week, I found some great faces & places to put in stories. And then I put them together and got excited…

What do you think is going on in these?

I’m going with:

Teen witch uses colour-coded music to romance a friendly thief;

A girl who’s only ever lived in the clouds comes down to earth for the first time (and doesn’t know yet that she can’t get back up);

And the girl upside down in the road really shouldn’t have trusted Smug Uniform Girl, and will have to find one rogue shaman in a town of millions if she ever wants to go home again.

one two three

four five six

seven eight nine

Until recently, I hadn’t followed many portrait photographers, but now I’m on the prowl for more. Let me know if you know of any cool ones. My flickr fave page is here, and you can follow me if you’re a, um, Flickrer too.

Do go visit the photographers via the links above – plenty more goodness where these came from.

Coming up soon: Finding stories in: Pinterest Boards. I’ll share the boards I keep for story-ideas, & maybe reveal a few hidden boards I’ve built for works-in-progress. I know it’s hard to use Pinterest and not just get distracted by pictures of Ian Somerhalder, but it is possible. Just.

Currently (re) reading: I Capture The Castle, Dodie Smith.
Currently writing: trying to get started on the next revision of Colour Novel. ‘Don’t Panic’ is the best writing advice I’ve received this week.
Now playing: Warrior in Woolworths, X-Ray Spex.

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This week I am mostly:

Listening to: Little Trouble Girl, by Sonic Youth. I recommend everyone else does, too.

Excited about: Seeing Throwing Muses twice in September, both times with Tanya Donnelly performing too! I booked the tickets a week ago but still get thrills every time I remember it’s happening.

Why yes, I did wear a lot of flannel in the 90s. How astute of you.

Reading: have started three books & not settled on any of them as my main read yet. They are: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Joan Aiken, one of my favourites from school (I remember it being Extremely Dramatic when I was about seven, wolves nipping at carriages in the snow).
The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Neil Gaiman, which I’ve had waiting since Ruth & Clara & I saw Sir Gaiman at the Peacock Theatre last year. The Hempstocks have just been introduced. Porridge, ponds & the second sight – they remind me a bit of my fortune-telling Nan.
Bitterblue, Kristin Cashore, which I bought for my mum for her birthday but have greedily kept for myself instead. This is a big hardback that I am too lazy to lug around, though, so I might let her have it after all & buy myself the Kindle version. I’ll miss the pretty maps inside the cover, but have a better chance of finishing it that way & I’m eager to return to Monsea.

Circling around: starting the next rewrite of my novel. At the moment I’m at the standing far away, prodding it with sticks, ready to bolt at the slightest provocation stage. I know I’ve been at this stage before, because I made this sign for myself last year:

I’ve  launched a counter-offence against the draft-bomb by telling people I’m going to let them read it in August. THIS AUGUST. 2014. Gulp.  I have to gussy it up a lot before then. Which means this blog post gets  classified under Procrastination, and must be stopped…

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Bacon is the best reward


brunswick again rsz

On Sunday, I finished the latest draft of my novel.

On Monday, I woke up early to write as usual – and stumbled, because I’d given myself the week off.

Since I was up anyway, and it the weather was so gorgeous as to be almost imaginary (gorgeousness I’d noticed only vaguely that weekend,  as I stayed indoors typing with the curtains drawn), I went outside.

I bought a bacon sandwich from my favourite cafe & stowed it, still warm, in my bag. I wandered through leafy St Ann’s Well Gardens, where a ley line ends and a hermit once lived in a cave,  then crossed down to Brunswick Square, pictured above. No one else was there yet.

I ate my breakfast with the sea and the grass and the birds and the flowers, and it was blissful.

Next week I’ll go back to the early morning typing and the wordcount and the angst, but this week my only goal is to do Other Things, guilt-free. I love writing, but I love having written best of all.

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“…but listen to the colour of your dreams”

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