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Deerly Beloved

Well hello there, how are you? I am poorly, full of a cold and full of a tiredness that I totally deserve after a fabulous, fairytale weekend. I have a list of things to write about all queued up on my blog dashboard, stuff like YA dystopian fiction titles, some more bitchin’ playlists, other places I’ve been writing instead of here, posts about tarot cards and, oh, ever so many things. But today is not the day for those things. Today is a day for a picture of deer, taken this weekend while in Devon for a friend’s wedding. Beautiful wedding. Even more beautiful people. It was a day full of love. Aw.

dawlish collage

Rather than take pictures of the bride, or the castle, or the fireworks (!There.Were.Fireworks!) I snapped three men ignoring me (and looking very manly, don’t you think?), some deer from the castle’s deer park, and the train station sign. Dawlish train station backs straight onto the sea, which must make for a very pretty commute on sunny days. Summer being what it is, of course, we had moody clouds instead, but it was still pleasing for a tourist like me.

Devon was gorgeous, and reminded me of the smugglers story I want to write when Novel is finished, something with secret caves and barrels of rum and men with scarred faces but kind hearts. There will be some kind of mystery, and a storm. I can’t imagine writing anything but Novel at the moment, the work to do for this revision seems so endless and engulfing, but I know that someday soon it will be finished and so I keep list of stories to write once I emerge blinking into a post-revision world. Currently the top four items on it are “Smugglers, Sleeping Spies, Dragons, Romany”. I hope my notes still make sense when I refer back to them in a few months – though, some strange combination of all four could be a fun story in itself, don’t you think?

Enough typing – I think the cold medicine is wearing off. I#m going back to bed to watch Veronica Mars (managed three episodes yesterday, and we didn’t get back home until 4pm), eat pizza and trawl etsy for jewelry I can’t afford and maybe one or two things that I can. If you’re in Brighton, please bring me cake. If not, please eat some and think of me. Ooh, and put some clotted cream on top. I’d have photographed my cream tea, but was too busy eating it.


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