30 new writing prompts

This year for Nanowrimo, instead of trying for the 50k wordcount I’m challenging myself to write flash fiction every day. I’ve compiled 30 writing prompts to work from, which can work as a jumping-off point for inspiring any writing session, not just a piece of flash. 

Use these prompts however you are inspired to. Maybe they are first lines, maybe they inspire an idea you’d never guess came from this. The only rule is – write something! 

  1. Who else can I still be (Sunday Scribblings)
  2. The time for coincidences was over
  3. Lapwing, n: from Old English ‘leap’ and ‘wink,; a crested Old World plover noted for slow, irregular flapping wings and a shrill, wailing cry 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers vol. 2
  4. The night the snails disappeared
  5. Your character is an executioner who must execute the queen. Pick one (or more): the executioner has been bribed; the queen is not the real queen; the executioner is not the real executioner. 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers vol. 2
  6. One colour has been removed from the world. Which colour, and what difference does it’s absence make?
  7. Combine the character traits of two of your friends, and describe that person
  8. After the rain stopped (A Writer’s Book of Days)
  9. Why has someone stolen your shoes?
  10. He opened the refrigerator, and frowned.
  11. Ancient cultures used makeup for more than just beauty. They wore eye-shadow to ward off blindness, eyeliner to ward off evil, and lipstick to protect against poison. Describe your character applying makeup that gives them special abilities: protective, strengthening, clairvoyant, etc 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers vol. 2
  12. In a small town, all the distances are wrong
  13. It doesn’t matter why they fell in love. The point is, she was never supposed to be there.
  14. Describe what never happens on Saturdays.
  15. On the edge of what felt safe (A Writer’s Book of Days)
  16. The god of apples is asleep on your couch.
  17. Fracas, n: a noisy quarrel, brawl
  18. Combine the character traits of two people who annoy you, and describe that person
  19. Describe a food memory – what did you eat? (The five minute writer)
  20. Your character has never visited the sea-side. What do they think it is like there?
  21. Take a single street name – real or imaginary – and compile a list of the different people who live there. (The five minute writer)
  22. Combine the character traits of one person you love and one person you hate, and describe that person
  23. Who’s seat did you steal?
  24. Two men have just kidnapped a twelve-year old for ransom. Little do these abductors know about their victim’s secret ability (101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers, vol 1)
  25. Write about what matters. Use a colour in every sentence.
  26. She ran away to Wales. When she came back…
  27. It’s better to write about God’s hat than God.
  28. A town where everyone hates cats.
  29. Slippery
  30. Your character gets into a carriage headed out of a village. In their satchel is a very special package. What is it, how did they get it, where are they going, and do they make it alive? (101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers, vol 1)
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