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AdventThanksgiving: Finally, someone attractive in True Blood

true blood werewolf joe manganiello

So strong he can lift a man with each elbow

My Advent Thanksgiving series is a series of posts about stuff I liked in 2011. Music, books, tv, games, handsome gentlemen – you get the idea.

Sorry Eric fans, but the blond Nord never really did it for me. And I tried to like Bill but he’s just too blah for this Bowley. Jason Stackhouse? No thanks. He’ll always be Vinnie from Home & Away to me, forever overshadowed by Travis Nash. Ah, Travis…

Anyway, finally Season 3 provided a guy I could lust after. It’s not essential for my viewing pleasure, and I prefer the first two seasons in many ways, but having someone hunky to look forward to is good business sense and I’m glad the casting director finally gave me what I wanted. It’s easier to overlook patchy storylines or shambolic pacing when the sexy werewolf man might smoulder onto the screen any minute.

joe manganiello true blood werewolf

"It's a were thing. We run hot."

Not into guys? Despair not. If ladies were my thing I doubt I’d dig Sookie (too annoying; would look better than me in hot pants: not much with the book learnin’), but I could easily see myself as Evan Rachel Wood’s thrall, lounging around her Gatsby villa, playing board games and trying not to get blood on the chaise-lounge. Sookie’s cousin Hadley had the right idea there.

evan rachel-wood alexander starsgard sophie vampire queen eric northman true blood

Put it away, Eric, Sophies the one for me. '20s summer house style trumps dark 80s fang bar


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Three Kitty books – Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Goes to Washington Reviewed for the British Fantasy Society.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Kitty goes to Washington, Kitty Raises Hell by Carrie Vaughn 
2011, Gollancz, p/b, £6.99

Kitty’s a dj on a late-night radio show. She’s also a werewolf. At the start of the series she’s struggling to come to terms with that, and trying to keep it secret. Before long, her two lives meet and her radio show becomes the call-in show for anyone with questions about the supernatural…and the supernatural themselves. Think Frasier, with fangs, for the fey.

Read the full review here

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